Shloomfy’s Secret

Shloomfy’s Secret

Can we share our Shloomfy secret with you?

We are so often asked what makes our bean bags different and what makes them so comfy? It is such a simple reply….

The secret is in our unique foam filling. Unlike ‘traditional’ bean bags that are filled with the dreaded polystyrene balls, our Shloomfy bags are filled with a secret foam recipe, including a memory foam component.

Since our inception in 2013, we have tried and tested this winning formula, making our bags mould to your body, stretching and changing shape whilst bouncing back to their original shape time and time again. Our Shloomfy’s never go flat!

Undoubtably our secret to unparalleled comfort is our unique foam filling.

So choose foam and be enveloped in our Shloomfy hug! Don’t settle for anything else.

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