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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )


1. Do you deliver anywhere in South Africa? Yes, we deliver nationwide. Your Shloomfy will arrive at your door with our preferred courier company. You will be sent an email on the day that your Shloomfy leaves our production facility, with details of your waybill number, allowing you to track your own parcel.*Delivery is free nationwide, to all major city centres only. Outlying areas can incur an extra charge such as farms and game lodges. If you are in an outlying area or a long way from a major city centre, please enquire with us first before placing your order. We reserve the right to cancel the order if we are unable to deliver to a remote location. Alternatively, please supply an address that is more central that will not incur additional charges.

2. How Long will it take for my Shloomfy to arrive at my door ? From payment your Shloomfy will arrive within 7 to 10 working days. You will be advised if there are any delays.

3. Where is Shloomfy's headquarters? We are based in Umhlali/Salt Rock, KZN North Cost.

4. Can I collect my own Shloomfy? Yes you can. We vacuum pack our bags to a quarter of their original size, so they can fit in most vehicles.

5. How Long will it take for my Shloomfy to return to its full size once opened? As we remove all the air from our bags when vacuum packing, it will take 2 to 3 days for your Shloomfy to return to its original size. Fluff up your Shloomfy as you would a pillow.

6. What are our Shloomfys filled with?Our Shloomfy’s are filled with our unique recipe of high quality foam chips, which have been tested and perfected to ensure comfort. The foam is contained within an inner bag.

7. Are Shloomfys washable? Yes, all our outer covers can be easily removed. All our fabrics can be cold machine washed .

8. Can our Shloomfy covers be tumbled dried? We do not recommend tumble drying. Hang up your covers inside out to avoid fading.

9. Are our Shloomfys waterproof ? NO! Please do not leave your Shloomfy in the rain. Even our patio Shloomfy’s cannot be left out in the rain.

10. Can I order extra covers for my Shloomfy ? Yes you can. Simply Contact Us us directly.